NEW for 2011 - Dashboard & Interior trim dismantling service for classic cars here in Europe

A new development for our clients is that we are now able to offer to dismantle your dashboard and interior trim when you bring your car to us in Normandy in France.

We have teamed up with a local, trusted garage who will be able to provide this service for you. The costs for this service depend on your vehicle and the time it will take to carry our the dismantling and then of course, after we at Classic Dashboards have restored your items, the time it will take to put your newly restored items back in your classic car.


Does your classic car need a service or any other replacement parts?

Why not make the most of your car being off the road. Servicing and other repairs can be carried out by the restoration garage that we use, at the same time that your car interior trim is being restored by Classic Dashboards.

Please contact us for further information:

+33 233 90 99 41 or