About Simon Lorkin & Classic Dashboards

I had been restoring dashboards and wooden trims, along with all types of Antique furniture since I set up my antique restoration business in 1991 in Shere, near Guildford in Surrey, England.

From time to time clients asked me to restore their dashboards or wooden interior trim after using my restoration services on their furniture. People also came to me saying that they didn't know where to find someone to restore the wood trim and dashboards of their classic cars.

So, taking my extensive knowledge and experience from Antique Restoration, I decided to create a website dedicated to the needs of clients in the process of restoring their or their customers classic cars. Thus Classic Dashboards was created over a decade ago.

I was based in Shere near Guildford in Surrey (England) for 13 years. In June 2004, looking for a new adventure, we moved our home, business and family to Normandy in northern France.


Why France?


Sabina, my wife and I decided to move to give us the opportunity of having our home and workshop together. It had always been our long term dream.

It means that I no longer have the daily commute of at least 50 miles and we can enjoy lunches together. Our two sons are loving having Daddy working from home and are now settled in the French school system. We also decided to enlarge our family and in 2007 had our daughter.

We bought a property with a house and two barns set in eight acres of farm land, with my workshop and office occupying one of those barns. It is around 30 metres away from our house and and our property is situated in the rural countryside. My main working area is on the ground floor and upstairs there is storage room and another room to work in.


Where in France?


We're about an hour and a half away from Cherbourg in Normandy in a small village called Montbray. The two main towns nearest to us are Villedieu-les-Poeles and Vire and we are about half an hour away from Avranches and Granville. Our 'farm' is situated on the side of a valley with views reaching for miles and we have surrounded ourswelves with 'the good life' by having cats, a dog, chickens and sheep and from time to time the local farmer uses our larger field for some of his dairy herd.